Pilot in the Far East


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Re-issue and follow up for the Pilots Flying Logbook from the same publisher published in the 1990's
Text is mostly the same, photos 49, are mostly colour and different, last chapter, 14 pages is a letter from Hans van Beuge, an Australian who served on DC3
during last time of the Pacific war in Indonesia.

About this book:
Anders Rogberg had his flight-training in the Swedish Air force from 1946 to 1952. He became a pilot with KLM and was stationed in Indonesia 1953. He is a dedicated photographer.
The time in Indonesia is the most interesting period in his colourful flying career. Beside using his camera he remembers episodes and is using canvas and brush to keep them alive.
The Far East is no longer what it used to be. Jumbo Jets bring tourists to modern countries and luxurious hotels. Quite different from the what he is telling us in this book.